Why would a traveler wish to stay in Bullitt County?

We are Centrally located in Shepherdsville -Bullitt County located 15 minutes south of the Louisville International airport on I-65. Hassle free on-off the interstate access to motels, restaurants, attractions, and gas stations. Exits 121, 117,116, 112, and 105 offer a variety of needs to our visitors.

What is there for kids to do?

Get them out from in front of the TV and into the many exciting activities and programs at Bernheim Forest. Meeting the high tech skill and fascination of the new age generations, Bernheim has provided a high-tech approach to discovering nature with GPS palm pilots to navigate and explore their 14,000 acres of natural wonder.

Kart Kountry fills their need for speed and challenge with the longest go-cart track in the United States, and is located conveniently just minutes from Louisville.

Where can I find out about the history of Bourbon making in Kentucky?

The Jim Beam American Outpost in Clermont, Bullitt County. You can tour the homestead, museum, see a film on the 200+ year history of bourbon making in Kentucky by the Beam Family and sip fine small batch bourbon in his parlor.

Bullitt county has two Bourbon distilleries offering tours- 4 Roses bourbon and the James B Beam outpost. Sample bourbons at both locations. Learn the history of Bourbon making, tour the beam homestead and see a film that details 200 years of history.

What is Bullitt County's history?

Before European settlement, the Shepherdsville area looked like a hub with trails coming from the Beargrass, the Bluegrass, the Barrens, and the Falls of the Ohio made by Bison, elk, deer and other game seeking the salt licks, later named Bullitt's Lick. Native Americans used Kentucky lands and especially the salt lick area of Shepherdsville to hunt game. The first European settlers to the area were the salt workers, 1760's.

Was the first industry in Kentucky located in Bullitt County?

Yes, it was the Salt Industry. Over 1000 men worked the salt making kettles at Bullitt's Lick. Salt was an important meat preservative to pioneers.

What was the second industry to the area?

Iron Making. Iron making in Bullitt County span a 50 year history from the 1830's to the 1880's. Belmont Iron Furnace still stands in southern Bullitt County.

What distiller donated 12,000 acres of land to the people of Kentucky and their friends?

Isaac W. Bernheim purchased the land in central Bullitt County in 1928. His wish was to allow the land to return to its natural habitat. The first industries in the area took its toll on the natural resources in the county.

When did Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest open?

It opened to the public in 1955. Today you can hike, bike, picnic, fish, and attend programs on nature. The Arboretum has over 4000 labeled plants, the visitor center has a GPS unit to take and investigate different plants and features at Bernheim, visit the café and gift shop, but above all enjoy the fresh air, wonderful plant aromas, and breathtaking scenery.

What research takes place at Bernheim and can you see it?

Bernheim has ongoing research projects on native landscapes, plants and trees to determine best species for our growing zone. They research health issues to native plants and trees and share the results with the public at the visitor center, with nurserymen in Kentucky and horticulturist across the nation.

What is Paroquet Springs Conference Centre?

Pronounced “ PAIR O KET”

Named for the Paroquet lick (a 1770's salt lick) and springs, it was a resort that rivaled the Indiana resort French Lick. Parakeets were said to have migrated to the hot springs. The springs being a medicinal source, the resort operated from the 1830's until 1877.

Today it's the location of the Conference Centre. A premier facility with 37500 sq. ft. of meeting space, noted Chef, state of the art technology, and ample free parking. A wonderful location to host regional and state association meetings, business and social gatherings, and trade shows due to it's location just 15 miles south of downtown Louisville on I-65.

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